Normally when I buy beeswax I seem to find it in block form or in small medallions, but most of the recipes I find online use pastilles (tiny beads) which are listed in volume measurements. So I often ended up scratching my head trying to figure out how much I need to chop off the block to get the equivalent listed in the recipe.

I'm a firm believer in using units of mass for solid ingredients since pockets of air and variations in density can throw off volume measurements. What I really needed was pastille to mass conversion chart, but couldn't find one online.

In my last beeswax purchase I went ahead and got some pastilles from Amazon so that I could weigh them in different volume units. I measured a level cup, tablespoon, and teaspoon and popped them on my digital scale. Here are the results.

Volume Mass
1 cup of pastilles 140g
1 tbsp of pastilles 9g
1 tsp of pastilles 3g

Hopefully this will help others in the same boat as I was...

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